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Our History

Robert Oden and Brad Orvieto each previously worked for big investment and financial services firms, but felt the size of those companies often prevented them from providing the best possible client experience. In 1998, they decided to join forces and open Strategic Asset Management (SAM) Group. With years of investment experience between them, Bob, an intelligent entrepreneur, and Brad, an analytical thinker, founded their own "boutique-style" wealth management firm.

Bob and Brad worked endlessly and learned constantly. They knew that understanding their clients' needs was the key to running a successful business. It was difficult to distinguish between Bob and Brad’s friends and clients; their friends became clients and their clients became friends. By limiting their client base and providing boutique-style wealth management, Bob and Brad were finally able to focus on clients' individual goals.

With great sadness, Brad passed away in July 2013. His experience and leadership helped create SAM Group and made it into the firm it continues to be today. Our team is excited for our future and we look forward to continuing to build strong relationships with our clients.